Packages formed – foiled

Packages are made to individual order and by customer projects. Overprint is performed by offset on a material with a weight of 120 – 175 g / m2, then the material may be maturing by varnishing or overall UV varnish, hot foiling foil matte or glossy, gold-plated (hotstamping). The most common material is a decorative paper dyed with a weight of 125 – 220 g / m2. It can be further upgraded by the local gilding or printing of offset. The next step is to form the frame box, which are usually two-piece. The skeleton is made of cardboard with a weight of 500 – 1000 g / m2, or made of corrugated cardboard (wave E, F). Formed boxes are veneered with previously prepared material or decorative paper. This type of packaging has a very high elegance and aesthetics. It is used for packing goods exclusive and expensive, among other things, is packed: jewelry, leather goods, shirts, shoes and many other items. Packages are delivered to customers in the form of complex and due to their large volume, and their exclusive finishes, it is recommended to provide them in bulk cartons.