Laminated Packaging

Packages are made by projects and for individual customer orders. Overprint is performed by offset Fabric include: chalk weighing 120 – 150 g / m2. It can then be upgraded by the coating with UV varnish, foil lamination matt or glossy or gold-plated hot, then the print is backed (glued) to the mats from the microwave (wave E). Lamination can be done also in securities decorative dyed in mass. The next step is to cut paper of the desired shape, which may be bonded through or point- of so-called ” automatic bottom”. This type of packaging is characterized by high strength and is applicable for packing delicate objects or large and heavy, among others, are packed : footwear, lighting equipment, toys and bolts and screws, as well as many other articles. The packages are delivered to customers in the form of spread.