Cartons Hung and fashions

Cartons are made to individual customer orders . Cartons are made from the corrugated three or five- weights from 360 – 1000 g / m2 . Cardboard can be one-sided or double-sided bleached or gray as standard on both sides . The most common thicknesses of cardboard is wave B , C , and E. These thicknesses can be combined to form a five-layer cardboard .. We bulk boxes with flaps that after punching are glued lengthwise and Flexographic printing method in two colors . Shaped packaging are manufactured using dies as a result of this packaging can be produced with complex shapes , for example . Boxes for fruit , or cartons , can be additionally cut vents or lifting . Overprint is performed using flexograficzna in two colors . Bulk boxes with flaps and shaped packaging have a very wide range of applications .