Decorative Paper Bags

Paper bags are made to individual order and by customer projects. The most commonly used material for decorative bag is thick paper, wrapping paper Krafft ridged or smooth, with a weight of 100 – 250 g / m2. Decorative bags can be refined by laminating with matt or gloss, can also be selectively coated with UV varnish, gold-plated or hot- extruded. Overprint is performed by offset and can be performed on the whole bag, as also in the middle. Paper bags have a reinforced bottom and top of the tab. They are used to handle strings having a thickness of 3 , 5, 7 mm, made of cotton or polypropylene and may have a crimping terminal. The color string is selected individually for each bag. Decorative bags are characterized by very high aesthetics and high quality. They are recommended for high quality goods emphasizing their elegance and prestige .